Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sunny Weather

Well, with the sunny weather, it seems that a little light has shined on my barrel racing endeavors! While my first run at Ft. Worth was a little slower than I had hoped for, my second run was much faster- our 16.65 is currently placing in the go round money! The pretty grey mare that Jana Bean loaned to me is starting to feel a lot better after being plagued by the nasty cold and fever that has been going around our place for the last few weeks.  I am getting excited to see what she and I really have to give at the upcoming rodeos in San Angelo and San Antonio.

Tonight, I ran my two mares out of Pecan at the local jackpot at the Lightning Bar Arena.   It was Pepper's 5th time in competition and she is really showing some talent... although I have certainly had my doubts on this from her performances in our practice pen in the earlier stages of her training.  But, with some consistent attention, Pepper is starting to prove to me that she is a horse in which I will have to give some respect very soon.  Our time of a 16.8 (plus 5 for a knocked barrel) was about 3 tenths of a second of where the 'good' horses run and our time was well within the 1D placings.  Shortcake experienced her first jackpot ever tonight.  Her attitude is a lot like Pecan's and after tonight's exciting performance (in the exhibitions), I felt that signature quick and effortless turn that I have been waiting for 12 years to feel again!

If I sound optimistic over what may seem like small accomplishments... its only because I've been working so hard in what feels like an uphill battle,for the day when I can feel that sunny weather and the excitement of success again!  Best of luck to you.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Blues!

Hey there! I'm not sure what it is exactly that God has planned for me right now... but barrel racing is not in store for this week atleast!  With my good mare Missy down with a fractured hock, and the mare I borrowed from Jana Bean  (Dinero) as well as Midas both down with a virus... there will not be a Denver rodeo for me unfortunately.  Even as I am destined not to travel to Colorado to the first BIG rodeo of the year, my two colts are sick with the virus as well!  So.... with the sunny weather at hand, Layne and I will start our yard work and sit on the back porch, look at our flowers and visit... which isn't all that bad of a job:)   Hope your barrel racing is going well- I'll have to live 'vicariously' through all of you! LOL